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Went out at 12am with a couple of mates and a few cans of paint. The plan was to go to the train tracks and paint a for an hour or so and then come home.

On the way up my mates girlfriend rings, and he has to go back home, so it's just the two of us. We end up walking in the wrong direction to the train tracks, so we start going down to the industrial area (where we've not been before) in the hope of finding a suitable wall.

After walking for about 10 minutes on our left was a big patch of wasteland, with factories/warehouses on 3 sides of it, and the road on one (where we were). It looked pretty empty and unused (well, it was full of shit), so we hopped over.

There was a nice bit of wall, so I started painting on it. The silver went on nicely, and things were going well. Then I got out the black to outline it and lost one of the caps, so that pissed me off a bit. Then I realised that the silver was taking a long time to dry, and the black wasn't going on it properly at all.

I outlined the whole thing and prepared to wait 5 minutes to apply another coat, finish it up, take a photo and split. Then I noticed that a white car was slowly driving up the road we had come, then all the way around this lot, finally stopping at the other side, parallel to me. I thought, "Shit!" and crouched down to my bag, knowing I'd been spotted but I wasn't sure what this person had seen and who they were.

I assumed they were someone just in the area who had seen us, and slowed down to take a look. I thought they had seen me painting, and also the big silver on the wall, and thought they might call the cops so I packed up my stuff, grabbed my bag, took a quick photo (which didnt come out) and me and my mate started walking back to the bit of broken wall that we had come over.

Then what I suspected was going to happen, happened. As we were walking up to the wall, the same car came around the corner and drove down the road towards us slowly. As it got closer, I made out the word "Security" printed on the bonnet. I turned to my mate and he said,

"That's the only way out, ain't it?"

"Yeah," I said, "Fuck... Listen, you'll be fine, it was only me who was painting so let's just see what happens."

We stopped where we were, about 15 feet from the wall, a big pile of broken bricks and wood and stuff in front of us that we had to climb over to get out. I could see that the car had stopped, but the wall obscured my vision of the front half of it, I couldn't see who was in it. I heard a Northern voice come over the wall,

"How're you getting out of there, then?"

Me and my mate looked at each other, and then back to the car. A pretty big guy wearing a white shirt and black security vest got out and walked to the hole in the wall and leaned on it. He said,

"What're you getting?"

At this point my mind was racing, I knew that there was no possible way to get out of the place and the only thing that decided whether I would be spending a night in the cells was this guy in front of me. And I didn't understand what he meant by "What're you getting", I didn't know if it was a local term or something. I looked at him, and I just couldn't think of a fucking word to say. He repeated himself, and I still didn't answer and then he said,

"If you don't answer me I'm calling the police."

That kinda kicked my brain into gear and I turned slightly, pointed at the silver and said,

"Well, I've been doing that. Just me, not him." indicating my mate.

He leaned over and looked over at the painted wall and then said,

"You've been spraypainting?"

I answered yes and then he said:

"Ah, that's alright then."

That just fucked my brain totally. I was literally standing there with my mouth open looking at him. I wanted to ask, "Are you serious", but I didn't want to in case he said no and called the police anyway, because he was just fucking with me, y'know? He obviously realised I was slightly suprised by his reaction and said,

"I thought you were trying to break in. Okay, seeya lads."

And then he got in his fucking car and started to drive off! For some reason I gave him a wave as he drove off, which was a bit cheeky I realize now, but I wasn't exactly thinking straight then.

So, yeah. It was wierd.